Ever since the film and cinema industry was established and people worldwide have watched movies and TV series from different countries without any border restrictions, some different scenes of movies and TV series have become more popular.

In many cases, after the release of the films, the locations where the film was shot suddenly became well-known and popular filming locations that attract thousands of fans and tourists. Many of these pristine and beautiful areas were unknown before the film’s release, but after the release of the films, they became famous and became the main tourist destinations.

In the following, we intend to introduce several places that have gained global popularity after being introduced in film and cinema and count as popular movie filming locations:

1) The Film “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty” in the Beautiful Land of Iceland

Before the release of “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty”, few people knew about the beauties of Iceland, which showed the best possible scenery of Iceland. The masterpiece is a fantasy film directed by Ben Stiller and released in 2013, starring Kristen Wiig and Sean Penn. Walter Mitty, one of the main characters in the story, decides to leave his desk to explore the world.

One of the main destinations of his trip is the pristine and beautiful country of Iceland. Walter spends most of his time in the regions and nature of Iceland which is the reason why many spectators are captivated by the beauty of this country. Following the film’s release, it became a popular filming location that a flood of tourists from all over the world flocked to the northern country, and the number of travel enthusiasts to Iceland is increasing day by day.

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

2) The Film “About Time” in Cornwall, England

“About Time” is one of the most popular films in Britain, written and directed in the comedy-drama genre in 2013, directed by Richard Curtis. Prominent actors like Damon Gleeson, Rachel McAdams, Bill Nye, Tom Hollander, and Margo Robbie have starred. One of the areas that have been repeatedly featured in the romantic comedy about time and made it famous in a short time was the rocky shores of Cornwall, England.

Cornwall’s spectacular beaches were the main background of the film, where the main character spends his entire childhood. Each time a sequence of these fascinating rocks was depicted on the screen, it attracted the audience more and more.

About Time

3) Indiana Jones Cinema Collection in Petra, Jordan

The Indiana Jones movie series is one of the most popular movies, the first version of which was released in cinemas around the world in 1989, and in a short time, it gained strange fame. The first series of “Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade” is a fantasy and adventure film made collaborating with renowned film directors Steven Spielberg and George Lucas, assistant screenwriter, and producer.

“Indiana Jones, The Last Crusade” has extraordinary scenes that nail the audience in place, but one of the scenes that fascinated many audiences was filmed in the valuable historical collection of Petra.

The popular filming location of Petra is located in Jordan. This historical city lies in the heart of the rocks, carved in all its glory. After the release of Indiana Jones, many tourists visited the ancient city of Petra to visit this area.

4) The Movie “Far Away” on the Island of Monuriki, Fiji

One of the most brilliant plays of recent decades is Tom Hanks playing Chuck in “Far Away”. Twentieth Century Fox and DreamWorks were produced and released in 2000 under the direction of Robert Zemeckis, starring Tom Hanks and Helen Hunt.

The film’s story revolves around a FedEx postman who was stuck on an island due to a plane crash and was forced to live on this island for four years in suffering and loneliness. To play the entire role in the film, Tom Hanks included exercise and bodybuilding in his life plan, and in addition to this, he followed a strict diet that caused him to lose 25 kilos.

The remote film was a masterpiece of filmmaking, but what made it even brighter was its popular movie filming location. Monuriki Island is located in the Mamanuca Archipelago in Fiji and is a tropical but uninhabited island. This remote island is like a piece of paradise, a monorail covered with various vegetation and home to the rarest species.

After the name of Monuriki Island was mentioned in the remote film of the tourism industry in Fiji, it faced a massive flood of eager tourists. Tourists can visit the island on a short one-day trip.

5) The movie “Skyfall” in Scotland

Scotland is a country in northwestern Europe. In the past, perhaps few people chose to travel and tourism. Nevertheless, with the release of Skyfall, a crime and adventure film, Scotland suddenly became one of the most popular countries to travel to. The stunning scenery and grassy heights of this beautiful country were well portrayed in Skyfall and attracted more viewers than the film itself.

Skyfall is the 23rd film in the James Bond series, directed by Sam Mendes and released in 2012. Prominent actors such as Daniel Craig, Judi Dench, and Javier Bardem have starred in the film. Skyfall is one of the best-selling films in the James Bond series that made Scotland a popular filming location.

Popular Filming Locations

6) The “Lord of the Rings” in New Zealand

Many films have been shot in different countries, but it must be admitted that no film has made a city or a country famous as fast as the Lord of the Rings trilogy. All three Lord of the Rings films were shot in New Zealand. Following the release of the series in 2001, 2002, and 2003, many tourists traveled to New Zealand to visit the film’s locations.

The most popular filming scene in this series is The Habitat, a place where Habitats lived. The area’s fame as a popular filming location increased so much that the Hobbit series was also filmed in the same country.

Lord of the Rings

7) The movie “Mad Max: Fury Road” in the Namib Desert

Few people choose a waterless and grassless desert area to travel and have fun, but after releasing “Mad Max: Fury Road”, the Namib Desert has become a travel destination for many adventurous tourists. As a popular filming location, this coastal desert has one of the most unique and mysterious landscapes in nature that will enchant you from the first moment.

The post-apocalyptic and action-style film is directed and produced by George Miller and written by George Miller, Brendan McCarthy, and Nico Lathouris. Most of the e-film sequences were filmed in the Namib coastal desert, with landscapes depicted as if the earth belonged to another planet, such as Mars.

8) “Thelma and Louise” in Canyon Valley

The drama, adventure, and feminist film “Thelma and Louise” is one of the most well-made films of recent decades, depicting a complete set of roads, escapes from the police, and feminism. In one of the main scenes, Thelma and Louise’s car passes through the canyon valley at high speed and flies over the sky and the ground.

Seeing the scenery of Canyon Valley from a completely open view captures the souls of the spectators and shows the greatness and vastness of this beautiful valley to the viewers. The Canyon Valley is 2,000 feet deep and rises above the Colorado River. This magnificent valley is located in the southwestern state of Colorado that now has become a popular filming location.

9) The Movie “Shining” at Stanley Hotel

Shining can be considered one of the scariest movies in the history of cinema. Jack Nicholson has been able to convey fear and horror to the spectators with his brilliant play. One thing that has had a significant impact on the horror of the film environment is the filming location; most of the film was shot in the dark scenes of the Rocky Mountains and the Stanley Hotel.

This eerie building overlooks the Estes Valley. The film’s main character is a writer who suffers from mental and nervous disorders and has dreams of killing his wife and child. With its winding corridors, the Stanley Hotel prevents the victims from escaping and leaves no escape route for them.

The scary environment and intense filming affect the audience so much that it seems as if they are stuck in this hotel. After the film’s release, the shine of Stanley Hotel has become a popular filming location and tourist attraction; every year, thousands of tourists from all over the world come to this hotel for one night’s stay.


10) The Movie “Pirates of the Caribbean” by St. Vincent and the Grenadines

It can be argued that few people have not seen the “Caribbean Pirates” movie series. The Five Pirates of the Caribbean is directed by Gore Verbinski and Rob Marshall and stars Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom. One of the success points of this five-part series was the use of places that dazzled every viewer. Pirates of the Caribbean was filmed in the small country of St.

Vincent and the Grenadines, an island nation in the Caribbean. This stunning island is covered with white sandy beaches and towering palm trees. After releasing the first version of Pirates of the Caribbean, it became a popular filming location where a wave of tourists flocked.

Caribbean Pirates

11) The Movie Gladiator in Ouarzazate, Morocco

Ouarzazate is a city in Morocco located in the foothills of the Atlas Mountains. You can see the charms of this historic and beautiful city in the famous movie “Gladiator”. Of course, due to its special features, this region has been used as a location for various films, including Lawrence of Saudi Arabia.



12) The Movie “Inferno” in Florence

Florence, Italy, is a beautiful city full of valuable architectural works. “Inferno”, one of the films inspired by Dan Brown’s novel, was shot in this historic European city.

You can watch many of the essential attractions of this city as the background of the movie scenes and enjoy watching it. No doubt, after the movie is over, you will be more and more eager to travel to Italy. Hell is an American thriller film written by David Cap and directed by Ron Howard.

13) Belfast, Northern Ireland, the home of Game of Thrones

The Game of Thrones series, the first episodes of which have been airing for a long time, has attracted countless fans worldwide. The series takes place in the fictional continents of Westeros, and its final season aired in 2019.

The series has been filmed all over Europe, but Belfast is one of the special and impressive locations that had played a significant role in this series and has hosted actors for more than a decade. Accordingly, it became a popular filming location.

HBO is one of the largest cable TV broadcasters in the United States, which in general has boosted the tourism industry in Northern Ireland by airing films shot in Ireland.

Tourists who have spent their time watching the popular Game of Thrones TV series should also visit the series location in Belfast, Northern Ireland, and touch and experience the fascinating memories of the series up close.

14) Tianzi Mountains; Amazing Location of “Avatar” Movie

Mount Tianzi is one of the most beautiful tourist attractions and a popular filming location in the world. More than 2,000 vertical soaring peaks, like the huge stone statues known as the Guardians of Paradise, cover this part of China. The people of southern China consider this mountain magical! They believe that no natural or artificial event can bring together such dense peaks and sharp cliffs, so this mountain is magical!

The mountain was inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1992 and was declared a World Geological Park by the United Nations in 2004.

In the movie “Avatar”, Pandora was a watery planet from which humans were trying to extract unobtanium as an energy source. James Cameron, the famous American director who previously had the best-selling film Titanic in his repertoire, chose Tianzi in China as the location for the avatar of the soaring mountains.

Mount Tianzi was a completely unknown place for non-Chinese visitors before the release of Avatar, a name used to attract more visitors, and today more than 30 million tourists worldwide travel to China each year to see it. It is interesting to know that the release of the Avatar movie was banned in Chinese cinemas due to the widespread popularity of the Chinese people.

The reason for the ban was its very high sales and its impact on Chinese domestic cinema.

15) Morocco Location of the Movie Prince of Persia

Filming in Morocco is one of the most important businesses in this country. Morocco is located in the northwest of Africa, and in recent years we have seen relatively good progress in this country. Morocco is famous for its monuments and delicious food.

One of the exciting things you need to know about this country is that Morocco is an essential and popular filming location esp. among Hollywood filmmakers.

Prince of Iran is one of the most attractive and popular video games made by Ubisoft and has many fans among Iranians. In 2010, it was decided to make a film based on this game, and famous actors such as Jake Gyllenhaal, Gemma Arterton, Ben Kingsley, and Alfred Molina starred in this film.

Many parts of this film were filmed in Morocco due to the flow in ancient Iran, and we see exciting scenes in this film. If you are a fan of the Iranian Prince series of games, we suggest you go to this movie and watch it.

As you know, more locations became famous for the popularity of the movies and series filmed there, as well as their pristine beauty. However, in this article, we tried to introduce the most important and famous locations to you.

By traveling to these destinations, you can see these areas up close, associate, and enjoy your favorite movies that were filmed in these locations. We hope you find these destinations in your itinerary and experience your incredible journeys.