f you look hard enough, you can find something enticing about nearly every city on the map. But that’s the great thing about the Tourist Areas on this list—the calendars are so full in these buzzing metropolises over the next 12 months that you won’t have to do much searching at all.

best Tourist Areas

1) Ghana

Praised as the golden child of West Africa is one of the best Tourist Area , Ghana enjoys its long history of gold mining. Ghana nowadays preens itself on its two decades of development and stability. If you like to experience new things, Ghana is one of the travel destinations to visit post-pandemic, where an amazing trip awaits you. From the Cape Coast and the lush Volta Region in the middle of the wild nature of West Africa to the Mole National Park, Ghana offers an exciting trip to you. Furthermore, bustling markets will give you a taste of Ghanaian life, as well as meet welcoming locals.

2) Bilbao, Spain

Another tourist area with Astonishing architecture, golden beaches, delicious foods, and stunning landscapes, Bilbao is one of the valuable treasures of the Basque Country. Guggenheim Contemporary Art Museum, the most important tourist attraction of Bilbao, annually attracts many tourists to this city. Whether you want to travel solo, with family, or with a group of friends, and whether you plan to experience art and architecture or the fascinating nature in Europe, Bilbao is an excellent destination for post-pandemic travel.

3) Taipei, Taiwan

Taipei, the city of varied foods, endless lantern-stringed streets, and shiny skyscrapers hold tourists spellbound in Taiwan. Taipei offers so much to see and to do to its visitors from the hole-in-the-wall restaurants to the ancient temples and museums. If you are a foodie, keep in mind to add Taipei to your bucket list as a travel destination to visit tourist area.

4) Cairo, Egypt

Cairo, full of vigor and one of the world’s most incredible megacities, is proudly a destination rich in historic finery. Bustling with life, traffic, and noises, Cairo is bosomed by the Middle East spirit. Like many other capitals, Cairo is where tradition and modernity together have kept the city alive. Cairo is the city of the thousand minarets, and it has lots of attractions that bear testimony to it.

No trip to Cairo is complete without a visit to the famous Pyramids of Giza, Al-Azhar Mosque, Al-Muizz li-Din Allah Street, and Manyal Palace, which altogether show the Egyptian history and culture. It is a good idea to add Cairo to your list of travel destinations to visit tourist area.

5) Bristol, England

From the Caribbean Carnival to the Balloon Festival, the lively city of Bristol annually hosts plenty of events and festivals. Thanks to the vivid street art scene, Bristol welcomes visitors to bring joy to their European experience. In addition, the Clifton Suspension Bridge, the SS Great Britain, Bristol Museum and Art Gallery, and Wookey Hole make Bristol a nice travel destination to visit tourist area.

6) Cappadocia, Turkey

If someone asks about one of Turkey’s fabulous tourism destinations, Cappadocia will undoubtedly be among the options. Famous for its fairytale scenery, cave dwellings, extraordinary rock formations, and the numerous hot air balloons that rise to the sky during the sunrise, Cappadocia manages to blend miraculous nature and history. This moon-like region offers plenty of things to do and to see that every visitor leaves it with lots of beautiful memories captured or remembered.


7) Great Barrier Reef, Australia

As the most extensive coral reef system globally, the Great Barrier Reef is home to an abundance of marine life. It comprises over 3000 individual reef systems, eye-catching coral cays, hundreds of unique islands with some of the world’s most fantastic sun-kissed, golden beaches on the northeast coast of Australia.

Being blessed with the breathtaking beauty from above and below the water has made the Great Barrier Reef enjoys being one of the seven wonders of the natural world. If you like to experience exciting adventures, such as snorkeling, scuba diving, aircraft or helicopter tours, cruise ship tours, whale watching, swimming with dolphins, etc., the Great Barrier Reef is one of the best travel destinations to visit tourist area.

8) Lut Desert, Iran

Lut Desert is one of the vast wonders of Mother Nature that is located in the southeast of Iran. As far as the eye can see, the desert parades, and as far as the ear can hear, silence resonates. Sometime and somewhere, the strong dancing wind, the green spots, the aeolian yardang, and an awe-inspiring lake break the monotony of this desert.

Registered in the UNESCO World Heritage List, Lut Desert offers exciting activities, including safaris, stargazing, camel-riding, etc. Do not miss this Tourist Area if you like to experience all these activities in warm and hot weather.

9) Aurora Borealis, Iceland

Have you ever thought of watching the marvelous Northern Lights that adorn the sky? Well, it seems that the start of the post-pandemic era by visiting Iceland and its dancing lights will be a beautiful beginning.

Also known as the Aurora Borealis, Northern Lights have vivid shades of green, red, and pink, glorifying the dark sky. These eye-catching legendary lights are more visible during October and March, around midnight. Watching this phenomenon is so unique that it attracts thousands of tourists each year.

10) Grand Canyon, Arizona

Hailed as the miracle of nature, Grand Canyon is Arizona’s most recognizable attraction. Celebrated its 100th birthday as a National Park in 2019, the Grand Canyon is as imposing as ever, even at this age.

Walking, hiking, rafting, camping, and watching dramatic views are the exceptional opportunities the Grand Canyon offers. If you are interested in experiencing a safe vacation in pure nature after the corona-virus pandemic, distance away from the crowd, Grand Canyon is the place you should go.

Tourist AreasدNutshell

Since thankfully the number of vaccinated people increases and the number of covid-19 cases decreases every day, restarting tourism is so close. Choosing where, when, and how to spend your trip depends totally on you. The destinations mentioned above and others await travelers to welcome them with open arms. Bon Voyage, bud!