Africa is an amazing land with pristine nature and special culture that was once the home of our ancestors.  The pearl of Africa, Uganda is one of the most attractive tourist destinations in Africa with generous people and unique wildlife. If you love exploring pristine nature, lakes, rivers, waterfalls, mountains and animals, a trip to Uganda might be the most unforgettable trip of your life. Here are 7 awesome things about Uganda that you should know.

Tribes and cultures

Uganda tribes

Among the awesome things about Uganda, the first one is that most Ugandans are very warm and friendly and welcome tourists with their warm smiles. There are many ethnic groups in Uganda which are led by 12 kings. Visiting these people and learning about their lifestyle is one of the favorite activities of tourists.

Different tribes in Uganda have their own language and culture. For this reason, about 50 different languages ​​are used by people in Uganda. Though English and Swahili are the country’s official languages. You may see many people in Uganda who can speak many different languages including Luganda which is prevalent in the whole country.

Getting to know the culture, music, art, and handicrafts of these tribes is usually interesting for tourists. The traditional clothing of the Ugandan people is made of fibers of the bark of trees such as the banana tree. However, in recent years, the use of these clothes has decreased and they are mostly worn in special ceremonies.

The land of gorillas

awesome things about Uganda

Undoubtedly, for people who love wildlife, one of the most awesome things about Uganda is the possibility of meeting gorillas. Bwindi Forest National Park is home to more than half of the world’s mountain gorillas. For many years these mammals were endangered due to war, poaching and human development, and now Uganda is trying to give them back their life by protecting gorillas in national parks.

If you want to visit gorillas, we recommend Windi Impenetrable and Mgahinga National Parks. You can meet gorillas and a variety of monkeys on a mountain walk and jungle trek. Don’t forget your camera to capture such an amazing experience.

Unique wildlife

Unique wildlife of Uganda

Gorillas are not the only awesome things about Uganda though. There are dozens of other plant and animal species in Uganda that delight tourists. If you are lucky, you can see many animal species in their natural habitat. Do you like to visit congo lions? How about a close encounter with hyenas, giraffes, wild dogs, zebras and dozens of amazing birds?

There are several national parks in Uganda, each hosting some of the world’s rarest animals. Queen Elizabeth, Rwenzori Mountains, Lake Mburo, Semiliki, Murchison Falls and Kibale National Parks are some of the most famous national parks in Uganda. Before traveling to Pearl of Africa, research these parks and include visiting the most attractive ones in your schedule. You can also choose from the tours that have already planned your trip so that you don’t miss the most famous sights in Uganda.

Bird paradise

Birds in Uganda

Uganda is a beautiful birdlife paradise with a huge list of over 1090 bird species which are another one of the awesome things about Uganda. This record is as of August 2021. 50% of Africa’s bird species and 11% of the world’s species can be found in Uganda. Interestingly, this huge list of birds is contained in a small territory of 90,041 square miles.

The great diversity of birds in a small area has made Uganda a wonderful area for bird watching and bird study, with large and small bird watching tours available.

Uganda is home to many migratory and native birds that come to Uganda throughout the year due to the incredible diversity of its habitats. No other region in Africa can match Uganda in this regard.

Uganda’s location is so unique that it has created major ecological zones for birdwatching.

Adrenaline in Nile

Uganda rivers

Have you not heard of the Nile? Probably the most awesome thing about UgandaThe longest river in the world, Nile, is located in Africa and is the place of formation of the oldest human civilizations. The Nile originates in the heart of the mountains in the center of the African continent, passes through the countries of Ethiopia, Sudan, Egypt, Uganda, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi, South Sudan, and Eritrea. This river finally flows into the Mediterranean Sea.

Tourists usually go to Jinja to see the Nile River in Uganda. In this city, you will come across a magnificent river that created the growth and development of human civilizations. You can contact the Nile rafting organizing companies and register for a rafting tour. The experience of rafting in the Nile is very exciting and attractive. If you don’t mind getting wet and like to add some adrenaline to your trip, don’t miss this experience.

Amazing lakes

Uganda lakes

Lake Victoria is the largest lake in Africa. John Hanning Speke documented the lake in 1858 for the first time and named it after Queen Victoria. This lake touches three African countries, namely Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda. With more than 500 different species of fish living in Lake Victoria, it’s no surprise that anglers are always active in this lake.

Victoria is not the only famous lake in Uganda. One of the awesome things about Uganda is that there are many magnificent lakes in this country. Bunyonyi Lake is another famous and big lake in this country. Tourists can go by boat to the islands in the middle of the lake and stay in exceptional accommodation. Seeing natural landscapes that look like living postcards will bring you a sense of peace that can only be obtained by being inside nature.

Cheaper than the neighbors

Uganda is cheap

Traveling to East African countries like Kenya is not cheap because of the expensive lodges and the high cost of visiting the famous national parks. However, the cost of traveling to Uganda is lower compared to neighboring countries. If you are looking for a trip that doesn’t cost too much but is full of interesting and exciting experiences, Uganda can be the right choice for you. Getting a Uganda visa is affordable and easy.

There are various ways to make traveling to Uganda cheaper. For example, you can look for affordable accommodations instead of expensive ones. You can also take help of public buses or motorbikes for transportation. Although you can get fine deals on private transportation.