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Edirne, formerly known as Hadrianopolis, is a city in the northwesternmost region of Turkey, on European soil near Greece and Bulgaria. Before Constantinople became the capital, Edirne served as the capital of the Ottoman Empire. Due to the city’s strategic location, wars have taken place over its domination.This city has been the site of multiple battles and has witnessed the clash of many empires and cultures. Therefore, the city has a rich background history, which can be witnessed in the many architectural wonders around the city, including mosques, churches, statues, bridges, towers, and many other buildings and monuments. Aside from its architectural wonders, Edirne is also one of the most fabulous destinations for tourists interested in cultural events. One of Edirne’s major cultural events, for example, is the Kırkpınar Oil Wrestling Festival, which takes place in June or July. Oil wrestling is an ancient competitive sport that dates back to ancient Egypt and the Persian Empire. 

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    Top Attraction

    • Visit Selimiye Mosque

    The exquisite Selimiye Mosque, one of Edirne’s most notable historical monuments, was constructed between 1569 and 1575 and is one of the best works of the famous architect Mimar Sinan. The mosque is considered Sinan’s most stunning accomplishment. 

    It is a UNESCO World Heritage site owing to its historical significance and architectural beauty. This mosque complex features a massive dome, four symmetrical minarets, intricately elaborate decorations, colorful glassworks, marble fountains, theological schools, shops, and even a museum.

    • Take a Tour of the Kaleiçi District

    Edirne’s Kaleiçi (Old Town) neighborhood is a crowded area stretching southwest of the Selimiye Mosque. This historic neighborhood is the heart of the city; The parallel alleyways are lined with wooden and stony candy-colored houses, buildings, and mansions. 

    This neighborhood is filled with culturally essential structures, including churches, mosques, gardens, and markets. The Grand Jewish Synagogue can be found here as well. There’s even a museum dedicated to the Kırkpınar wrestling competition!

    • Explore the Edirne Old Mosque

    The Edirne Old Mosque (Eski Cami or Eski Ulu Cami) is often overlooked in favor of the Selimiye Mosque. But make no mistake, this mosque is well worth a visit. This is Edirne’s oldest Ottoman Imperial Mosque, built in the 15th century. 

    Its exterior design might seem less impressive than the Selimiye Mosque. Still, the interior calligraphy designs and the paintings inside the small domes make up for that. 

    • Visit the Grand Synagogue of Edirne

    More than 20,000 Sephardic Jews lived in Edirne in the early 20th century. After a fire that destroyed many Jewish synagogues in 1905, this one was built to replace them. It had been closed for several decades until it was finally reopened to the public in 2016, after significant restoration. 

    There aren’t many Jewish residents in Edirne anymore, but this bright yellow building (which now serves as a museum as well) is a reminder of a history of turmoil. 

    • Take a Walk Along the River

    Two rivers go through Edirne. The Meriç River is the bigger one in the south, while the smaller Tunca River runs through the city’s western parts. Many historic structures and ruins are scattered along the rivers, like the ruins of Eski Sarayi, an old Ottoman palace. 

    Several old and new bridges across the rivers, like the Meric River Bridge.

    Tourist Transportation

    The most common mode of transportation in Edirne, like most other Turkish cities, is the dolmus. Aside from that, tourists can go from one place to another using taxis and private cars. A variety of bus companies, like Edirne Otogar, operate services across the city, with rates varying by zone and starting at ₺1.50.

    When Is the Best Time to Take a tour

    Summers in Edirne are long and hot, with an average temperature of roughly 30°C. So, it’s advisable that you visit Edirne in spring (from March to May) and autumn (from September to November). Autumn temperatures are approximately 15-17°C, and the weather is pleasant. 

    Covid-19 aka Coronavirus Travel Advice

    If you consider traveling during the coronavirus pandemic, take precautions to protect yourself and others from Covid-19. Answer a few questions before traveling to a destination: have you been vaccinated against Covid-19, have you been in close contact with a person with Covid-19, and does your home or destination have requirements or restrictions for travelers?
    Steps to stay safe during your travel

    • Maintain a distance of 2 meters from others,
    • Wear a face mask,
    • Avoid the crowded or poorly ventilated areas,
    • Cover coughs and sneezes with bent elbow or tissues,
    • Clean and wash your hands frequently,
    • Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth,
    • Avoid eating or drinking on public transportation.

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