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Antalya is Turkey’s biggest seaport in the Turkish Riviera, a long stretch of beach along the country’s southwestern coastline.Whether you come for the gorgeous beaches, the wealth of historical attractions, or the magnificent waterfalls located across the countryside, Antalya is guaranteed to offer you a lifetime of memories! Exploring the city center is a wonderful way to start your journey. Relaxing with a cup of Turkish coffee while watching the world go by has nothing short of a dream come true. This fascinating city, rich in history, will introduce you to the plethora of civilizations that have passed through this part of the world throughout the centuries.

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    Top Attraction

    If you plan on visiting this city, here are a number of the best attractions you must put on your Antalya bucket list:

    • Kaleiçi

    This ancient central district is the heart of the city. It’s filled with charming old Ottoman homes and stunning Roman and Byzantine monuments and architecture, many of which have been converted to hotels, bars, restaurants, cafés, and souvenir shops.

    Walking around Kaleiçi is a true pleasure; its maze-like streets and narrow cobblestone alleys are perfect for wandering around and simply taking in all of Antalya’s sights and noises. If you visit the Kaleiçi district, don’t forget to pass under Hadrian’s Gate!

    • Hadrian’s Gate

    Hadrian’s Gate is a beautiful monument of white marble built to honor the Roman Emperor Hadrian, who visited Antalya in 130 AD.
    On either side, two historic towers frame Hadrian’s Gate. It is believed that the gate had a second story once, which is now missing. Not much is known about that, but the gate still stands in full glory, almost 2000 years after being built.

    • Düden Waterfalls

    The Düden Waterfalls are, in fact, two groups of waterfalls, one located inside the city (Upper Düden Waterfalls) and the other flowing directly into the Mediterranean (Lower Düden Waterfalls). With their breathtaking view, they are a favorite destination for both locals and visitors.

    • Aspendos

    Situated around 40 kilometers east of Antalya and 7 kilometers northeast of Serik lies the ancient Greco-Roman city of Aspendos. Originally founded around the 4th century BC in the old province of Pamphylia, the ruins of this Roman city still dot the area and are one of the best-preserved – especially the Aspendos Theatre, the most intact structure in all of Roman Turkey.

    The Aspendos Theatre is a sight to behold in and of itself. Designed by the Roman architect Zeno to honor emperor Marcus Aurelius, the theatre has excellent acoustics and can hold thousands of people. Performances and plays are still held today in this ancient theatre.

    • Perge

    Perge, just east of Antalya, is another fascinating ancient city of the Greco-Roman period. Once Pamphylia’s capital, Perge, was founded more than a thousand years BC. There are many spectacular remains to explore in the city’s vicinities, including another stunning Roman theatre, an exceptionally well-preserved stadium, necropolis, ruins of the agora, gates, pillars, and walls, all of which take you on a trip back in time, to the ancient Rome.

    Tourist Transportation

    Antalya has excellent public transportation. Trams, public minibuses (aka dolmuş), and taxis are available. The public minibuses operate in a set route from morning to night and are cheaper than metered taxis. You can use these to go to any location in the city quickly. There is also an international airport outside the city, easily accessible by car. It offers reasonably-priced flights both to local destinations and to Europe. Public buses at the airport would easily take you to your hotel. There is also an international airport outside the city, easily accessible by car. It offers reasonably-priced flights both to local destinations and to Europe. Public buses at the airport would easily take you to your hotel.

    When Is the Best Time to Take a tour

    The ideal months to visit Antalya are March to May (Spring) and September to November (Autumn). Due to its Mediterranean climate, the region has hot, dry summers and rainy, humid winters. As a result, the spring and autumn months are great for visiting Antalya. During these seasons, the temperatures are milder, perfect for peace and quiet near the sea.  By the way, there are annual festivals in Antalya in spring and autumn, making your visit to these seasons all the more exciting. There’s the colorful Flower Festival in May and the Golden Orange film festival in October. The Mediterranean Music Festival also takes place in October.

    Covid-19 aka Coronavirus Travel Advice

    If you consider traveling during the coronavirus pandemic, take precautions to protect yourself and others from Covid-19. Answer a few questions before traveling to a destination: have you been vaccinated against Covid-19, have you been in close contact with a person with Covid-19, and does your home or destination have requirements or restrictions for travelers?
    Steps to stay safe during your travel

    • Maintain a distance of 2 meters from others,
    • Wear a face mask,
    • Avoid the crowded or poorly ventilated areas,
    • Cover coughs and sneezes with bent elbow or tissues,
    • Clean and wash your hands frequently,
    • Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth,
    • Avoid eating or drinking on public transportation.

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