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Nairobi tour




Nairobi’s attractions make it one of Africa’s most popular tourist destinations. Millions of tourists visit Kenya yearly to experience the country’s beautiful beaches and breathtaking national parks. Tourists and visitors to Kenya will have to pass through Nairobi on their way to one of the country’s national parks or beach cities.Nairobi is one of Africa’s most populous, modern, and rapidly rising cities. Nairobi is home to around 3.5 million people, most of whom speak English. There is no such thing as an ideal city. The congestion and traffic jams, typical of major cities in developing countries, may initially frustrate you. But after a day or two, you will understand why Nairobi is so popular with tourists. There are calm and peaceful areas in the city, too. The nightlife is vibrant, and the people are welcoming. Nairobi is an excellent place to learn about the Kenyan people’s way of life and their many cultures. It is also a great opportunity to learn more about big cities’ challenges in developing countries.

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Top Attraction

  • Nairobi National Park

The Nairobi National Park is the city’s most well-known attraction, offering visitors an exciting safari drive through the vast jungles, where they may see animals like lions, cheetahs, black rhinos, hippos, and giraffes. Come here to be in touch with nature in its best form.

  • David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust

Tourists visiting Nairobi’s National Park frequently stop at the park’s entrance to see the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust. The baby abandoned elephants and rhinos make it a must-see site for all animal lovers.

  • Karen Blixen Museum

Karen Blixen Museum, located in the hills of the Ngong Valleys, was originally the home of Danish author Karen and her husband, Baron Bror von Blixen Fincke. The Museum, located approximately ten kilometers from the city center, houses the artifacts representing Kenyan history. The farmhouse became highly well-known after the Oscar-winning film “Out of Africa” publication, based on Karen’s story.

  • Nairobi National Museum

Nairobi National Museum, opened in 1929, houses a wonderful collection of local art treasures, culture, and paleontology. The museum is next to a botanical garden with medicinal plants and herbs. There is also a snake house, which attracts a lot of people.

  • Galleria Shopping Mall

This is the city’s most important shopping center. The retail center provides excellent shopping and entertainment opportunities. High-end restaurants, retail stores, fashion shops, and children’s play areas can be found here. Most well-known Kenyan businesses, such as KFC, Bata, Safricon, and Art Caffe, have service centers or stores on-site. Galleria Shopping Mall is a great place to relax or do window shopping.

Tourist Transportation

Most places in and around Nairobi are connected by minibuses, which run on established routes.  Matatus usually operate as an express service with a single pick-up and drop-off location during peak hours.

When Is the Best Time to Take a tour

The dry months of July through October are the best times to organize your Nairobi tour, as well as January and February. July is the driest month of the year, with only a little more than an inch of rain. July and August are the coolest months in Nairobi.

Covid-19 aka Coronavirus Travel Advice

If you consider traveling during the coronavirus pandemic, take precautions to protect yourself and others from Covid-19. Answer a few questions before traveling to a destination: have you been vaccinated against Covid-19, have you been in close contact with a person with Covid-19, and does your home or destination have requirements or restrictions for travelers?
Steps to stay safe during your travel

  • Maintain a distance of 2 meters from others,
  • Wear a face mask,
  • Avoid the crowded or poorly ventilated areas,
  • Cover coughs and sneezes with bent elbow or tissues,
  • Clean and wash your hands frequently,
  • Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth,
  • Avoid eating or drinking on public transportation.

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