Sharm el Sheikh tour
Sharm el Sheikh tour

Sharm el Sheikh


Sharm el-Sheikh is a famous port and resort in the south of the Sinai Peninsula in Egypt that is popular with tourists. It is also called the City of Peace because of the international peace conferences that are held there A lot of tourists book Sharm el-Sheikh tours every year. Sharm el-Sheikh is one of the best destinations for foreign tourists in Arabia, which is separated from its popular beaches for fun, is considered one of the best places for diving, and in addition to the desert tour, it offers an unforgettable experience to tourists.

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    Top Attraction

    There is a wide range of activities from cultural tours to sports, elegant dinners to Bedouin tables, colorful nightlife, entertainment opportunities, and proximity to Europe and Turkey. Sharm, which turned into a touristic holiday paradise with the right strategy from a port town that makes a living by fishing, embraces the sea in its geography surrounded by mountains.
    • Naama is one of the most important touristic centers in Sharm, which draws attention with its 30-kilometer-long beaches and water sports.
    • Nabq Bay is in the northern part of Sharm El Sheikh and is the newest developing part of the city. Numerous hotels and villas are in this part. There are two shopping malls, Al Khan and La Strada.
    • Hadaba is a residential area stretching along the Red Sea. It is home to 5-star hotels and luxury villas. The Ras Um Sid area in Hadaba is one of the best places for swimming and snorkeling.
    • The Old Town is the only place on the most authentic side of Sharm El Sheikh. It is a must-visit place for hookah lovers or those who want to drink coffee. Dance performances are in the square accompanied by Arabic music every night.

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